Just a quick update. With the new MSP430G’s and their bigger flash space, I was able to increase the resolution of my TV output program. The resolution is now 192×240. When the new 16K MSP430G’s arrive, I plan on increasing this to 384×240, which will finally approach the native aspect ratio.

I just had to change a couple lines of code to get this going, and include the larger image file. I used an MSP430G2452 with 8K flash.

NOTE: This should be compiled in CCS under debug mode. Using release mode or different compilers will likely require adjustment of the software delay toward the bottom of the code.

Here’s the code.

The example images seen below:

If you want to make your own images to use, first create a 192×240 monochrome bitmap. To convert the bitmap into a header.h file, I used a program called Image2Code from CrystalFontz. Use this setting to get the proper image format: